TEN Principles of my practice

Listen to your body, it knows.


Opening to the many possibilities present in any given moment, finding ways to work with challenges, seeing with fresh eyes and an open mind.


Offering space and time for genuine healing.


Being real about skills, knowledge and ability. Trusting in the clients internal wisdom as the most valuable resource.


Using only the amount of pressure necessary. Listening deeply to the wisdom of the body. 


Allowing the flow of connection and harmony through receptivity and respect.


Giving kindness, calmness and acceptance. Meeting life without fear.

Trusting in the basic goodness within all of us.


Human touch, quiet time to reflect, relax and be just as you are.

Being fully present connects us deeply to ourselves.

Integrity 8

Acting in accordance with inner truth, wisdom and kindness.

Holding the value of love and compassion as noble protection. 


Approaching life with deep reverence, respect and humility.


Greeting with warmth, care and openness. Not judging or criticizing others.

Regarding all as one great big family.