reiki healing massage 

Rei= Subtle wisdom that permeates everything, 

Ki= Is a non-physical energy that permeates all things, plants trees, animals, humans. It is the life force energy.

In a Reiki session, I am able to assess where your body may need more life/ healing energy and through the placement of hands along with the visualized energy symbol, the energy of Reiki flows wherever it is needed. It is a radiant, healing energy that was discovered by Mikao Usui following an intensive meditation retreat in the mountains, where he was able to heal himself from a recent injury. Reiki can be very powerful, even though it is extremely gentle.

How to Prepare for Reiki Healing Massage

You remain fully clothed during a craniosacral session. It is good to wear loose and comfortable clothes and to take off all your jewelry and belts. Before a session, it is good to prepare yourself with gentle breathing and calming the mind in whatever way that is best for you. Sometimes, just closing the eyes and counting your breath can relax and prepare you for a more nourishing and healing session. 

Reiki is love.
Love is wholeness
Wholeness is balance.
Balance is well-being,
Well-being is freedom from
— Dr. Mikao Usui ( 1864-1926)