Tibetan Ku-Nye massage 

Kun= application, energy body 

Nye = Massage, exercise or interaction

In KuNye massage, the energy points in the body are stimulated for the purpose of circulation and removing energy blocks that cause imbalance. Imbalances in the body lead to dis-ease. KuNye massage uses gentle to firm pressure using herbal bags called Zathi Dukpa, combined with a healing oil massage.  Techniques include effleurage, gliding, kneading, friction, traction and compression. The massage is tailored to your body energy type, taking into consideration what would be most beneficial for you.  The effect is one of truly deep and peaceful relaxation for the entire body, allowing the system to restore and rebalance for optimum health and well-being. 

How to prepare for KuNye massage

Therapeutic KuNye Massage is not indicated for everyone, and generally you would work under the supervision of a Tibetan Doctor. Nonetheless, in general massage use, KuNye can be adapted to benefit most people as a healing and restorative massage technique.

What to expect with KuNye massage

You can expect to feel deeply relaxed and nurtured with hot/warm to neutral compresses (depending on treatment) , herbal healing formulas and warm oils applied to pressure points to stimulate and relax the entire body. 

Balancing the energy of the body brings happiness and well being to the whole person.
— Lauren